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ashland technologies quality machined and fabricated parts at a lower cost quality machined and fabricated parts produced by ashland technologies
quality machined and fabricated parts produced by ashland technologies
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lower cost, least pain for machined and fabricated parts
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Quality Assurance Program

Quality Products/Services

Our quality assurance program strives for a zero reject rate from customers. The purpose is to ensure that inbound supplies, materials, and parts are controlled for quality. All work done by Ashland Technologies is under close scrutiny for early detection of deficiencies both in appearance and adherence to specifications. The goal is to identify potential problems and take immediate corrective action to reduce scrap rate and increase overall quality. Quality inspection is completed both in process as well as at final inspection. Quality program is based on MIL-I-45208QA utilizing AQL Level 1 inspection requirements.
CMM Discovery III
Located in our Temperature
Controlled Quality Room.

Quality Mission

By attracting and training quality people, we strive to continually improve a lean production process that predictably and systematically produces quality parts and service at the BEST VALUE to our customers.

Quality People + Quality Process = Quality Products/Services

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Quality People

We have a structured program for continued education and skill development. This program provides a customized training plan for each employee. Through performance monitoring and testing we maximize the fullest talent of our people; which further increases the value we provide to our customers.

Quality Process

Based on lean manufacturing concepts we have developed a production process that continually identifies and removes non-value added time and cost waste from production. Contributing to these improvements:
  • Continuous investment in new automation technologies enables us to reduce set-up time and increase machine run-time. This type of equipment also reduces human error and overall cost.
  • Visual Estitrack (VET) - This shop management software serves as a central database for all production procedures including quality inspection, material purchase history, vendor performance, and production efficiency reports.
  • Visual Shop Flow System - Visual schedules and workflow procedures increase non-verbal communication and reduce errors.

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